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My Own Personal Brand of Heroin

The other night I made the most marvelous things – Roasted Rosemary Garbanzo Snack. These are my own personal brand of heroin – I cannot get enough of them!

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Would you rather…

Which would you rather have? 30 minutes of wonderful or a lifetime of nothing special?

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FEAR Update: Appointments!

I took the first step in dealing with my FEAR! (Yep – proud of myself)

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Try at home: True & Co.

I just signed up for a new try-at-home service and I am excited! It has a premise similar to Stitch Fix. The difference: you get to actually PICK what they send you to try out (which is good, because we know my experience with someone else picking for me hasn’t been stellar). And there’s no upfront cost. Sound good? Read on!

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SBBC Kickoff!

Today is the day – time to bust this booty into shape! And now… a poem to encourage and delight…

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FEAR: Life & Health Evaluation

Ever come across a blog post, read it, and wish you hadn’t because it just makes you want to cry and re-evaluate your whole life? I just did. And I know I’ll thank Amanda for it someday. Well…I’m pretty sure I’ll thank her.

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Round is a shape, right?

There’s a certain level of freedom in deciding to be happy in your own skin and embracing the shape of your body. Round is a shape, right? OK, I’m not exactly round, but there’s definitely extra padding on this frame. It’s more like this:

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Time to Get Fit!!

My friend and ex-coworker, Amanda, has this amazing blog called Run to the Finish. It’s all about healthy living, clean eating, running, yoga and just her general awesomeness. And starting in Mid-March she has a 7-week program called “Spring Bootie Buster Challenge” (she usually has a Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge, too).

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