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Irish blessings for you!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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All Dreams Matter, Big or Small

I’ve had a secret dream since I was about 10, one that I honestly thought I’d never be able to live as an adult. But, this year, I will have the chance to cross off this “bucket list” item – PERFORM IN CARNEGIE HALL!!

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Merry Christmas

Christmas Magic from the ‘Me’ Generation

Many people will say that the current generation of young people are in the “Me Generation”. That kids are only about themselves or that they feel entitled to luxuries as staples in their lives. That they’re ungrateful or uncaring. But, today, I want to tell you about a group of kids who make many adults I know look like chumps.

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In Honor of Veterans

Today is an important holiday in America. It’s one I think should be celebrated a little more publicly – with a lot more pomp and circumstance! Today is Veterans Day.

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Happy Halloween!!

Hope my costume isn’t “too revealing” for you all!

2014-10-31 09.12.36

Wild Women + Wine Weekend = heiße Weiber

This weekend I had the wonderful pleasure of being included in the 11th annual Wild Women’s Wine Weekend – and I had a blast!

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Confessions from a bandwagon fan

I confess…I’ve jumped on the bandwagon more than once. And none feels better than currently being in the Royals corner right now!

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Define Your Life’s Meaning by Being Yourself

Call it a midlife crisis or finding myself or just a turning point. But at 40 I’m starting to finally figure out I’m okay to just be me. And I kinda like who I am.

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Which is more difficult to learn?

Which is more difficult to learn:

  1. The skills needed to produce a marketable product or provide a service

  2. The business sense needed to start/grow/sustain a company around that product/service

And, of course, why?

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