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Mindful Inspiration

Today’s inspirational images are all about the mind – thinking, believing, dreaming. I hope one of these speaks to you.

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6 Things to Do When Buying a Swimsuit

As I head into a vacation in Costa Rica I put off one activity until the very last-minute – getting a new swimsuit. I think there are few things almost all women can agree on but shopping for a swimsuit has to be at the top of “least favorite things to do” for most women I know. So, here are a few tips to help you through it:

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Oddly Hypnotic…and Beautiful

I think there’s something oddly hypnotic about this video. And the results are beautiful!

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StitchFix Review #3

Well, I guess old sayings become old sayings for a reason. Trying StitchFix for a third time was definitely the charm!

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What Others Think

I’m just gonna leave this here. Cuz…well, because I can. 🙂

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It’s a TRUE Day

Inherently Beautiful

Feeling a bit blah today so I’m just going to put this here to remind myself that every day, regardless of how I look or feel, I AM beautiful. Once upon a time, someone told me,

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