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Brenna Bakes: Possum Pie

I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again – Brenna is evil. But I totally love her.

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Brenna Bakes: Double Chocolate M&M Cookies

Brenna hasn’t baked in a while and she, at least, is looking AMAZING lately! She’s been on a killer workout (it’s what women getting married do, right?) and I think she looks FAB-U-LOUS! And I was actually happy she wasn’t bringing in anything; even if my taste buds weren’t all that enthused, it was better for my waistline. And then…she did this, the evil little witch!

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Brenna Bakes: Oatmeal Scotchies

Today I was greeted with the cinnamon-sweet scent of these oatmeal cookies – and thanked the gods for Brenna and her baking.

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Brenna Bakes: Robin’s Egg Cookies

On Monday, Brenna brought Easter to our office in the form of Robin’s Egg Cookies! With Easter this weekend, I think these would be a nice addition to the dessert table.

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Double, I mean TRIPLE, Chocolate Brownies

Brenna baked again…BROWNIES this time. “So what?” you might say, “Everyone can make brownies.” Um…no. No they can’t. Not like these!

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