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Dealing with Depression

Nine months ago I wrote a post called Affirmation Giveaway. It was a less-intense intro to this area but I felt it was a good start into examining my own feelings on the topic and the most important takeaway – I understand and I will be there if you need me because I DO understand. This post is more direct about a topic that tends to be misunderstood, shied-away from and even stigmatized: depression. I’ve started and stopped this post so many times becomes of that fear of being ridiculed, ignored or hurt by my honest. But after dealing with another episode this week, can’t pretend it isn’t here any more. It’s time to talk candidly.

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I am more than this…

After a fairly uneventful day, I was having a rather disparaging night. Every negative emotion I could imagine was piling one atop the other and I was at a major breaking point. I went to Facebook…sometimes it’s my place of solace and other times my final straw. I didn’t know which it would be tonight but I was ready for either.
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