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FEAR = Sleeplessness

I shouldn’t be this nervous about a doctor’s appointment. My head knows this. Yet my anxiety meter is set pretty high, I’m shaky, and even though I’m exhausted I can’t sleep. I’m trying to convince myself that the pains I’m feeling are psychosomatic or anxiety-based but I’m not buying it apparently. A few more hours and then I can laugh at myself and these fears…right?

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FEAR Update: Appointments!

I took the first step in dealing with my FEAR! (Yep – proud of myself)

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SBBC Kickoff!

Today is the day – time to bust this booty into shape! And now… a poem to encourage and delight…

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Time to Get Fit!!

My friend and ex-coworker, Amanda, has this amazing blog called Run to the Finish. It’s all about healthy living, clean eating, running, yoga and just her general awesomeness. And starting in Mid-March she has a 7-week program called “Spring Bootie Buster Challenge” (she usually has a Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge, too).

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