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Children tried to kill me today

You might think the title of this post is an exaggeration and it is…by only the tiniest of margins. But I survived to tell the tale.

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Kids Growing Up

Is there no more sure sign that your children are literally growing UP then when you can no longer see over their heads? This morning, my boys stood in front of me and my line of sight was immediately hindered by brunette buzz cuts. ‘Crap!’ I thought. ‘When did that happen?!’ Just a few weeks ago I was putting my chin on top of their heads with just a little tilt. Now…they’re almost looking me eye to eye. And they’re only 12! Pretty sure they’re going to break the 6′ barrier by the time they get to high school. My babies are definitely growing UP…and now I can’t wait until this happens to their dad. 🙂

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