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Review: X-MEN: Days of Future Past

[For reference, I wrote this post in May…and forgot to post it. Oops!!]

I took my two favorite young men on a date Saturday night – to see the newest X-Men. They really are the best guys to see movies with – I get to control the popcorn, they laugh in the right places, they had intensity to the drama by sitting on the edge of their seats or gasping in surprise, and they always talk to me for hours after the movie.

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Review: Movie 43

During a sushi dinner yesterday, at which I was an impromptu +1, we got into a conversation of the wild and crazy. The movie “Movie 43” was mentioned and those who hadn’t seen it were encouraged to do so. So, after dinner, I headed back to my BFF’s home where we settled in with drinks (her = cafe mocha, me = margarita) and found it on Netflix.

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