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Brenna Bakes…no, wait…I BAKED!! Zucchini Bread

My kids, particularly the oldest twin, have been bugging me to bake zucchini bread since we planted the garden this year. I caved this weekend. And I’m so very happy I did!

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Brenna Bakes: Golden Grahams S’mores

Oh dear Lord. I walk in Wednesday morning, already hungry cuz I skipped any sort of breakfast only to find that Miss Brenna is all set to take care of me. Yep..she had cereal waiting for me.

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Brenna Bakes: Double Chocolate M&M Cookies

Brenna hasn’t baked in a while and she, at least, is looking AMAZING lately! She’s been on a killer workout (it’s what women getting married do, right?) and I think she looks FAB-U-LOUS! And I was actually happy she wasn’t bringing in anything; even if my taste buds weren’t all that enthused, it was better for my waistline. And then…she did this, the evil little witch!

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In case I haven’t mentioned it lately, I believe my coworker may be a demon in disguise. Not quite the devil incarnate, but definitely a figure from the deepest, darkest corners of hades. She was sent to earth solely to keep good people, like me, from obtaining a desirable weight. Her instrument of torture today: RED VELVET CUPCAKES!

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Double, I mean TRIPLE, Chocolate Brownies

Brenna baked again…BROWNIES this time. “So what?” you might say, “Everyone can make brownies.” Um…no. No they can’t. Not like these!

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My Own Personal Brand of Heroin

The other night I made the most marvelous things – Roasted Rosemary Garbanzo Snack. These are my own personal brand of heroin – I cannot get enough of them!

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Brenna Bakes: Malted Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have this beautiful young friend/coworker, Brenna, who randomly bakes the most amazingly yummy normal things. And I decided this morning that we should celebrate her with her very own category in the Eccentric Randomness world. Mostly because if I were to bake, it would be much less fun to talk about and talking about someone else baking is totally random, n’est–ce pas?

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