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Finding faith in one’s self

I know I’ve posted a lot of inspirational images but it’s what I think is needed most in the world. Or at least in my world. So many people have a hard time with self-love and self-esteem and I just want to find the right thing that will make them agree and say – “YES! That’s EXACTLY how I feel and what I needed to hear! THANK YOU!”

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Mid-Week Inspiration

Since I was away from the Internet over the weekend, I thought I’d do my inspiration post today. Here’s a few of the funny images from the week to get you through to Saturday! I think the last one is how I usually feel, whether it’s at work or writing this blog! 🙂

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Don’t Worry [Flowchart]

Earlier, I shared a great flowchart about happiness. I’m not sure if this one is better but it’s definitely equal to it. A little Zen realization about what should make us worry.

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Inspirational Pictures

This week’s inspirations, in pictorial format.

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The Power of a Smile

The other day, I bumped into a coworker on the stairs. Since I recently moved to a different floor, she and I don’t see each other very much. But I smiled just for seeing her, we talked for a couple of minutes and we went on about our days. It was an incident I’m sure many of us have on a daily basis and never really think about…until we’re on the receiving end of the smile.

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