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Stitch Fix Update Coming

I got my new Stitch Fix box today. SUPER excited to try everything on based on the cards and the initial look through the box. I didn’t update (yet) but I actually kept AN ENTIRE FIX LAST TIME! I’ll be updating with this newest one and my last few – Rhonda is really getting it RIGHT with me now. And I’m going to go broke because of it. 😀

Stitch Fix #10 – For the Win!

You may have noticed the lack of Stitch Fix posts after #5. I think in the nine previous shipments, I’ve kept two items – a pink top and a blue cardigan. I was so disappointed in the items I had received I couldn’t even write about them anymore. Lots of ill-fitting, wrong season, or PRINT items. I actually took a little break but then came back for #10…And I loved it!

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Stitch Fix #5 – So Close and Yet…

Yep – you guessed it. Another StitchFix day! And since that seems to bring a good bulk of people to my site, I don’t know that I’ll stop getting these boxes, even if I never buy anything! 😉

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StitchFix #4

My StitchFix box was waiting for me when I returned from Costa Rica and I was really excited to try it out again after last month’s FIRST success and the nice little note they sent me. I should have tempered my anticipation so I wouldn’t have been so disappointed.

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StitchFix Response – Love

Today I got a surprise in my email – a note from StitchFix!

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StitchFix Review #3

Well, I guess old sayings become old sayings for a reason. Trying StitchFix for a third time was definitely the charm!

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Stitch Fix #2…Second Verse, Same as the First

As I said earlier, Thursday was my “Stitch Fix Day!” Following is the not-so-positive review. But, before you think this whole post will be negative, let me reassure you. It won’t be. It’ll be funny and realistic…and unfortunately sorta kinda negative.

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Stitch Fix Day!

Today is Stitch Fix day! Just got Fix #2 at the office. It looks infinitely more promising than the first fix but the costs are potentially prohibitive. Before I pass judgement, I’ll try them all on and take photos for sharing. Keep your eyes open for a new review this weekend! (And keep your fingers cross that it all actually FITS this time!)

First StitchFix Box!

In case you haven’t heard, there’s all these “subscription box” programs floating around – BirchBox, Glossybox, Sock Panda, Barkbox, and more (more here: I finally found one I wanted to try – StitchFix!

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