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Daily Affirmations

Yesterday, my company had a wonderful presenter (Jenne Fromm) come in and talk to us about “Emotional Intelligence”. It was a wonderful seminar and it started a lot of positive communications within the office. I had a good conversation with a friend/coworker about anxiety and I shared with her the “Stop It” video I posted some time back. She, in turn, shared this one with me.

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Oddly Hypnotic…and Beautiful

I think there’s something oddly hypnotic about this video. And the results are beautiful!

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FEAR: Stop It…Just Stop it!

A friend just posted this on Facebook; her own therapist had her watch it. So…here’s some free counseling for everyone who has a fear, issue or crazy worry.

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Happiness Post

Today’s inspirational post is all about being HAPPY. Cuz, even though I’m being exceptionally LAZY today, I’m pretty happy. So, “clap along if you think that happiness is the truth”…

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Don’t Worry [Flowchart]

Earlier, I shared a great flowchart about happiness. I’m not sure if this one is better but it’s definitely equal to it. A little Zen realization about what should make us worry.

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Let It Go…but keep this one!

With the home release of “Frozen” today, this seems like the perfect time to write this post. Everyone is doing their own rendition of “Let It Go” these days – some are fun and some are downright hysterical but it’s all getting a bit old. But this one…this one is the epitome of randomness…and it’s cute & funny. I’ll keep it!

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Kevin Bacon Shares the True 80’s Story

For those who didn’t live through the horrors of the 80’s – landlines, Rubik’s cubes, the Cold War, parachute pants – take a look at Kevin Bacon’s true-to-life look at what the world was like 30 years ago.

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My Workplace? Totally awesome!

Take a trip back to the 80’s

Journey to a land of what the Internet would have looked like if the company I work for – DEG – had been around to make it awesome. Our wonderful video and creative teams put together this year-end video (yeah we have time management issues – we just had our holiday party in March). It has video & freeze frames of many of our associates showing off their dance moves, crazy stunts and more (check out the crazy lady in the red dress around 7:27). Oh…and there’s actual work stuff in there, too.

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