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Am I coming or going?

How in the world did April get so PACKED?? I just stopped and really looked at my calendar for the next 30 days. It’s a bit insane and intense!

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Mandatory vs Individualist

This is a small vent and question post on the words “mandatory” and “everyone”. Two simple words that seem to upset people.

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My Workplace? Totally awesome!

Take a trip back to the 80’s

Journey to a land of what the Internet would have looked like if the company I work for – DEG – had been around to make it awesome. Our wonderful video and creative teams put together this year-end video (yeah we have time management issues – we just had our holiday party in March). It has video & freeze frames of many of our associates showing off their dance moves, crazy stunts and more (check out the crazy lady in the red dress around 7:27). Oh…and there’s actual work stuff in there, too.

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