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Writing again!


Stitch Fix Update Coming

I got my new Stitch Fix box today. SUPER excited to try everything on based on the cards and the initial look through the box. I didn’t update (yet) but I actually kept AN ENTIRE FIX LAST TIME! I’ll be updating with this newest one and my last few – Rhonda is really getting it RIGHT with me now. And I’m going to go broke because of it. ๐Ÿ˜€

Merry Christmas

RANDOM Objects Needed

RANDOM Question: What’s the most random real object you can think of? Like, a platypus or a pineapple. Looking for a really funny, silly, random object to use as a “rating” for reviews. Like, “This service gets 3.5 Platypi.” (You don’t have to add your name/website unless you want credit if I select your suggestion.)

It’s a Julep Day!

JulepI got a new subscription box today – Julep! For me, this is a great box, since it features nail care and colors. I was born with great nails that are usually very strong and I can grow naturally long – no fake nails for this girl!

Based on my style profile with them, I’m “Classic with a Twist: Youโ€™re an iconic beauty with a timeless aesthetic. Youโ€™re drawn to chic, elegant colors that pair well with any occasion…” – I like them already! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll wait to write my actual review until I try the products but the picture is a quick preview of the box.


It’s another TRUE day!

Reconnected and back online

Did ya miss me?? I was in a little town in Ohio for two days. Wonderful T-Mobile (seriously, I’m like then at any other time) only has 2G coverage in that town so updates were either slow or non-existent that way. And my grandmother doesn’t have internet, so no connection that way either. So, I took an internet hiatus…and it drove me a bit batty! But I’m sitting in the Columbus, Ohio airport, connected via Wi-Fi and very very happy. This is my world – the digital arena. And you are my people. I missed you. More posts to come soon, maybe even while I sit here, but I had to throw this one up first. ๐Ÿ™‚

XO – T.

BirchBox Day!

Door Phenomenon

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