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Writing again!

Yes, I’m writing again!! 2,000 words into a new novel currently titled โ€œ18 Daysโ€. Writing from a first person MALE POV. Not easy for me but it seems to be flowing well. Wish me luck!!



OK, to be fair, there’s the whole edit, refine, fluff, blah blah blah to do. But the thing is DONE. Written. And I’m pretty doggone happy about it!!


Stitch Fix Update Coming

I got my new Stitch Fix box today. SUPER excited to try everything on based on the cards and the initial look through the box. I didn’t update (yet) but I actually kept AN ENTIRE FIX LAST TIME! I’ll be updating with this newest one and my last few – Rhonda is really getting it RIGHT with me now. And I’m going to go broke because of it. ๐Ÿ˜€

Merry Christmas

RANDOM Objects Needed

RANDOM Question: What’s the most random real object you can think of? Like, a platypus or a pineapple. Looking for a really funny, silly, random object to use as a “rating” for reviews. Like, “This service gets 3.5 Platypi.” (You don’t have to add your name/website unless you want credit if I select your suggestion.)

It’s a Julep Day!

JulepI got a new subscription box today – Julep! For me, this is a great box, since it features nail care and colors. I was born with great nails that are usually very strong and I can grow naturally long – no fake nails for this girl!

Based on my style profile with them, I’m “Classic with a Twist: Youโ€™re an iconic beauty with a timeless aesthetic. Youโ€™re drawn to chic, elegant colors that pair well with any occasion…” – I like them already! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll wait to write my actual review until I try the products but the picture is a quick preview of the box.


It’s another TRUE day!

Reconnected and back online

Did ya miss me?? I was in a little town in Ohio for two days. Wonderful T-Mobile (seriously, I’m like then at any other time) only has 2G coverage in that town so updates were either slow or non-existent that way. And my grandmother doesn’t have internet, so no connection that way either. So, I took an internet hiatus…and it drove me a bit batty! But I’m sitting in the Columbus, Ohio airport, connected via Wi-Fi and very very happy. This is my world – the digital arena. And you are my people. I missed you. More posts to come soon, maybe even while I sit here, but I had to throw this one up first. ๐Ÿ™‚

XO – T.

BirchBox Day!

Door Phenomenon

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